Storytelling is a Driver for Change

A great story can be a powerful tool. Storytelling can be used to shine a light on an important success, build community to solve a challenge, or generate support for an ongoing effort. Stories go beyond laying out facts and figures to communicate meaning and evoke emotion. It is this emotional connection that motivates people to act. And it is with this deeper level of engagement… real change occurs.

We know the first decade of a child’s life is the most opportune time to influence learning paths and ensure the very best outcomes for all children. Preschool to 3rd grade (P-3) efforts are emerging across the country and throughout Colorado. This space is for school and district leaders across the state to share stories and collaborate to drive greater change for all young children. Create Your Story to document successes, lessons learned, or the impact of your P-3 work. Share Your Story by completing a simple online form. Read & Search Other Stories by using an interactive map or easy search bar to learn more about other P-3 initiatives. Connect with Others to strengthen P-3 work in your local community and across the state. 


Storytelling has been used for years and years. From ancient times until now, stories are one of the most effective ways to share information. And the methods used to tell a good story haven’t changed much. Think about a moving story you’ve heard recently or even as a child.  It’s likely the same storytelling components were used – such as the introduction of a beloved character, details of an exciting journey, or ended with a powerful message that made you think or do something differently.  Now think about what story you would like to tell. What accomplishment would you like to share? Is there a lesson learned that would be beneficial for others to hear? How has your work impacted young children? Be sure to check out the storytelling tips as you jot down your story ideas.

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Stories are about collaboration and connection. Check out the compilation of P-3 colleagues and partners that have all shared their stories. Using this contact list, you can collaborate with one another, find and share resources, and learn more about P-3 work happening in a community close to you or even across the state.


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